About Hot Hatha and Beyond

I believe that our bodies are meant to MOVE. To strengthen, lengthen and sculpt our limbs while nourishing our joints and ligaments. To breathe and stretch. To open our hearts and our minds while feeding our soul. I have been practicing yoga (primarily hot) for over 20 years. The euphoria I experience after practicing hatha yoga was the catalyst to becoming a teacher. To me, there is no better feeling than empowering another human being – revealing what they are capable of – helping them achieve their goals – mentally and physically. I am a certified Hot Yoga teacher, Trauma informed Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa Yoga teacher, SUP Yoga teacher, Reiki level II master and mindfulness guide. I teach group and private classes at my studio or your home. HotHatha can transform your physique while calming your mind.

About Whitney 

Expressing yourself creatively through yoga is physically and mentally rewarding.

Many moons ago I was a gymnast. I developed flexibility and strength through constant practice. I transitioned from competitive gymnastics into disciplined dance (primarily ballet). Moving my body with focus and determination became the key to my mental and physical wellbeing. As an adult I found Hot Yoga. The practice is intense because you are moving and breathing in a studio that is 105 degrees (or higher) and 60% humidity. I received my certification in 2014 and a year later opened HotHatha LLC.

Joy = Movement